It Looks Like a Mountain to Me

This is about 10 loads of laundry's a never ending process.  I get caught up just to fall behind again.  With 4 children and one husband, there is a lot of it.  We have friends to have more children than we do & I don't know how they handle all the laundry.  I think I'd have to have multiple washers and dryers.

Today I decided we would tackle the laundry mountain as a family.  We call it a clothes folding party.  The children just love it!  Not!  They are responsible for getting everything that belongs to them, (except their clean sheets) folding it, putting it away, or hanging it up.  Their part must all be done now, there is no waiting.  Like I said, it's their favorite activity.  It's a little comical because there are clothes flying everywhere as people throw shirts, shorts, underwear etc to the owner of said objects.  The best is when you catch someone unaware & it ends up on their heads.   

When everyone helps it makes my job easier.  I try not to tell them how to fold their clothes.  If I'm going to make them fold it and put it away, I have to let them do it for themselves.  This is very hard to do, (extreme type A personality...) but I put it out of my mind and pretend they are going to fold it how I would.  Yes, I know it's somewhat delusional, but I do it none the less.

I'm not going to complain about mountains of laundry, because having it means all my chicks are still in the nest and safe.  There are many families who have lost children or have children that are out on their own now, and they would love to do tons of laundry, so I'm going to find joy in doing laundry, even if it looks like a mountain to me.
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