Lax to the Max (as per Hoppy)

To embarrass my oldest child, I am using this title with his name attached.  He is telling me he's going to get me back.  He gets a big What Ever!  Especially since I'm his mom & control just about everything in his life...teenagers...oui!

I may be crazy, but I let my children throw balls in the house.  My mom was one of those who said 'No throwing balls in the house', but I learned early on with so many boys I sounded like a broken record.  They will throw anything!  So, I just conceded defeat and told them to be careful where they threw stuff.  Has anyone else experienced this with their boys? 

We have progressed from nerf balls to lacrosse balls.  Even the soft ones are hard rubber balls & the big boys practice catching and cradling in our den against the back of the fireplace. :/  My goal is that they don't shatter one of the big windows you see to the left in the picture below...can you imagine the mess?  You can also see a Cornhole game on the floor...yes we play it inside too, it's too cold to play it outside right now. (and the children can play it anytime they want to.)

Just a second ago Harry was practicing his cradling in the kitchen and the ball flew out & nailed the wall.  I shot a look at him & he put Hop's stick down rather quickly and said, "Hopson, how could you do that in the house?".  That crazy Harry, he's too funny.  I guess I better go make sure there's not too big of a dent in the wall.  Oh well, it's only plaster.

Celebrating Life!

Harry is so excited I'm taking his picture


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