Yes Harry, You're in the Spotlight, Again...

The last day of braces!

Harry informed me today that he was tired of being in the blog spotlight.  I'm sorry Harry, but you're in the spotlight..again.  I know it's tough, but I have 366 days to do this thing, so yeah, today is about you.

It's been a big month for Harry.  He passed his driver's permit test earlier this month, and today he had his braces taken off.  No more brace face or metal mouth.  He's so excited he can eat sticky or hard candy and not worry about breaking another bracket.  Yes, he broke 3...the next one he was going to pay for.  Needless to say, he was a little more careful from then on out. 

Whew, for the fam we have two braces down...and two to go.  I joked with the office staff that I was going to keep making payments so I could get ahead with Elizabeth and Henry.  They laughed and said they had other families who did it, so they may have another fam to put on the list.  I will need to talk it over with my accountant, aka Hopson, to see what he wants to do.  Braces and children are expensive, but look at Harry's pretty smile... :).  Oh, isn't he cute?

Harry said his mouth felt weird, but I'm pretty sure he'll be used to it by tomorrow.  He doesn't look like a young teenager anymore, he looks like he's in high school.  Where does the time go?   Harry, don't forget your mama loves you & to wear your retainer.  Congrats on becoming braceless!  :) 

Celebrating Life!

Yes, I put this picture in because I want to ruin his life...
Harry & Dr. Jeff


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