Rollin' & Runnin'

We loved to go rolling when we were growing up.  First thing is you have to wait until you have the cover of darkness, getting caught is not an option, but runnin' is.  Once you have no light what-so-ever,  you go to the store; buy the cheapest toilet paper you can find; wear your darkest clothing & then go nuts on someone's trees.  Of course you have to drive by take pictures the next day.  Too fun!  We're Auburn fans, so you know we love to roll some trees.

Last night...10pm...the homestead...

The guilty parties...Juniors & Freshmen
Love 'em! Notice Joe Joe trying to do the sorority squat...

Hop's friends be bop into the house.  It was David, Lauren & Joe Joe.  They're happy and wide's 10pm...they're teenagers...I'm not a teenager...I'm a little sleepy.  Let's be honest, I was asleep on the couch.  There was no reason for us to suspect anything funky going on, but then someone comes in the den & says 'hey, we're getting rolled'.  OK, cool, rolling is fun & for the love, someone grab the camera & take some pictures.  When we would roll someone's house, we would buy the cheapest toilet paper we could find.  It was basically sand paper.  The girls used Angel Soft!  Today as I was picking up a lot of it from the yard I was tempted to fold it up and let the fam use it.  It was really soft!  I didn't do it, but I thought about it.

Once all the girls were done rolling the yard, they came in so we could take their pictures.  They are a sweet group, both inside & out!  You girls are too funny & you make me smile!

Celebrating Life & rolled trees!

Harry with all the girls!  Too precious!

The view out of my kitchen window this morning.


  1. This is funny and I am so glad you threw the remains away.


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