It's All in My Head

Would someone please stop the record player in my head?  I can not stop singing the soundtrack to Wicked.  Right now it's 'No Good Deed' that's playing, but in a little bit it will change to another song from the musical.  You know who I solely rest the blame for this on?  Hoppy.  Yes, my sweet 17 year old.  He had the opportunity to go see the musical with his AP class for $25.  I asked if they needed any chaperons.  Yes it was a Thursday matinee, but hey, you can't beat that price.  (going to see stuff is expensive)  He came home singing the songs...thank you photographic memory. 

Popular (click the link to see the song)
We promptly bought the album on iTunes & now we're all hooked.  We have a very eclectic taste in music.  Well, everyone but big Hopson, he only likes to listen to country music.  When Hop's writing a paper for class he listens to classical music or music from different soundtracks, and we've been listening to this music a lot over the past few weeks, and now it's stuck in my head and driving me crazy.

I wake up singing it & go to bed singing it.  I hum it while I cook, clean & fold clothes.  I guess I'll just give in & put the soundtrack on & sing like no one's listening!

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