Are We Going to Make the Blog?

Alex, Ryan, Abbey, Anslee, Hannah & Allison

I love it when the first thing teenagers ask me is if a picture is going to make the blog.  Well, DUH, of course it's going to make the blog.  Especially when I've spent all day at the lacrosse field & have done nothing really to write about.  Y'all know I love you & will post things about you whenever you want me to!!!  (just send me a picture with it, or call me so I can take a picture.)

Hop with Pop & GiGi

My in-laws, GiGi & Pop, are here this weekend to see the boys play, and they are getting a full weekend of lacrosse.  :)  It was hot today.  Harry's game was not so bad, but Hoppy's game was burning hot, and Elizabeth's legs are lobster red.  I need to go get sunscreen.  Thank goodness Henry's game is tomorrow, so that helps us a little.  I'll be sitting under my umbrella again tomorrow for Hen's game like I did at Hop's game. 

Pretty girls & sweaty boys

I want to tell the Girl's Varsity Lax team congrats!  They had a HUGE win last night over a big rival to take first seed in the state tourney.  Yea!!!  They will play in the first round of the playoffs Wednesday.  Go Rebels!  I have no idea when the varsity boys play & I think Henry's team plays Wednesday as well.  (hopefully the girls will play the same time as Hen)  The freshman team is finished with their season.  They don't have playoffs for the freshman, only JV & Varsity.  They are a great group of boys & I'm so glad that Harry had a great season playing with them.  It was a good day for lacrosse & hanging out with family and friends so you can make the blog!

Celebrating life!

Varsity Rebels
Freshman Rebels


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