Batten Down the Hatches, I'm Nesting

First of all, let me apologize, there will not be a picture with today's posting.  I'm tired  & I can't find a picture of a mother nesting.  We're just not that cool...

I have a love/hate relationship with my nesting instinct.  I love it because after I'm done, everything looks great.  I hate it because while I'm in the middle of it my house looks like it's been hit by hurricane Katrina.  I mean!  (and yes, it's messier than it usually looks, it drives me nuts)  I've also realized I have ADD when I nest.  I'll jump from room to room and not finish one thing at a time.  I have been nesting in Henry & Elizabeth's rooms for the last few days.  (and the garage, and my closet, and my pantry, and I need to hit some junk closets.  See what I mean, it's bad!)

Along with my nesting today, I changed all the sheets on all the beds.  If I had a bizillion dollars, I would pay someone to put clean sheets on my bed everyday.  There is nothing that makes me happier than clean sheets, and right now they are calling to me.  Sorry, I digress.  I went into Hoppy's room to only change the sheets & he came very close to me nesting all of his clothes, shoes, and socks right into the garbage.  I don't think he has hung up any clothes or put anything in the dirty clothes hamper for at least the last week.  That does not make me a very happy mommy, especially since I spent last week washing/folding tons of clean children's clothing.  Do you think they would notice if I just up and quit?  It's an interesting thought.

Sometimes I wonder what my life will be like when all my children have left and are messing up their own homes, I mean living on their own.  If they are like big Hopson, living in a dirty room won't bother them.  There would be very little if no purging.  If they are like me, their apartments will be spotless and the will constantly be getting rid of things they don't use.  My roommates and I used to keep our place so clean you could eat off of the floor.  I wouldn't even think about eating anything off of Hopson's floor in the fraternity house...yuck!  The thought makes me want to gag.

Well, I'm working out my plan of attack for tomorrow.  I have some closets that are SCREAMING my name.  I'll feel so much better once I get them cleaned out.  Or maybe I'll focus on some of the drawers in my room, I can't decide.  :)  It's time for this very sleepy mommy to get ready for bed!  Y'all have a wonderful restful night!!!

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