Celebrate! Part 2 ~ Hope for a Cure

Today, there are 180,000 reasons to Celebrate.  I would hope that you would agree with me that 180K is a pretty big number.  Imagine that the 180,000 represents extra days.  That is what Relay for Life does, it helps provide more money for research that will give just one more chance/birthday/year to someone with cancer.

The high school students take this fund raiser very seriously, and along with raising money for the American Cancer Society, their next biggest goal is to beat the rival high school in our area.  This year's goal was $175,000, and the Rebels raised $180,000.  The students sell baked goods, t-shirts, lanyards, sunglasses, water balloons, have a battle of the bands, Relax for Relay (wear pjs to school).  They get area businesses to partner with them; they write letters; sell luminaries; and collect change in carpool line at the elementary schools.  I think those kids would do almost anything to raise money for Relay.

The teams had a lot of fun that day & into the night.  There were teenagers everywhere.  Playing football, soccer, throwing the lacrosse ball, doing gymnastics all on the football field.  They played 3 on 3 basketball, dodge ball, and ping pong.  They were listening to the bands; walking around taking pictures with friends on other teams; and buying food.  But for me, the reason behind Relay are the luminary bags.  Each one tells a story.  Each one represents a loved one who has fought or is fighting cancer.  Our community has been hit hard over the years by this horrid disease:  there are more families affected than I care to name, mine being one of them. 

This is the second year in a row the Rebels have beaten the Spartans in the amount raised at Relay.  It's all in good fun, but the big winner is everyone who is battling.  Between these two schools, there was almost $360,000 raised.  Not too shabby for a bunch of teenagers.

 I know why I Relay...why do you?

Celebrating Life!


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