I Think I Need to Barf

For girls, this is tryout season.  It's horrible, and I hate it!  I tried out for lots of things growing up & was never nervous for myself.  I don't think my mom was ever nervous for me, because she did a great job of hiding it it if she was.

Luckily for Elizabeth, the tryout stuff is over for this year, but for the high school it has just gotten under way.  (I love you my friends with girls trying out!!!)

During Elizabeth's tryouts I was a train wreck all week.  I mean, it was just dance team tryouts, right?  I wasn't waiting to see if a doctor comes back with devastating news about my child's health.  It's just dance team...it's just my baby...and I selfishly wanted her to make it.  I know her making or not making the team does not define her, but it's easy to say that when you're child makes the squad/team.  There were over 60 girls trying out for 28 spots.  Tryouts started at 3:30, Elizabeth called me to come and get her at 7, and she was not even in the last group to go. 

We played the waiting game...waiting on the numbers to be posted on the website...waiting to know if she danced hard enough...waiting to know if she was what they was looking for.  Please let her be what they are looking for.  Please let her dancing be good enough.  But, for my child, it was not to be.  We looked but didn't see her number.  Heart break.  As Elizabeth looked at all the numbers listed, she found several that belonged to her friends.  My sweet child, with tears in her eyes said:  "I feel a little sorry for myself, but I'm so happy for my friends."  I want to be like her!  What a heart.

Two weeks later Elizabeth decided to tryout to be one of the school's hostesses.  The group is called Pirate Girls and they serve their little hearts out doing anything & everything for the school and teachers.  There's not a 'tryout' in the truest sense of the word, but the girls have to go through an interview.  Do I think E would be good at it, absolutely.  Would the judges see that in her in a short interview, I had no idea.  OK, here we go again.  Over 30 girls going out for 20 spots.  She called me at 5pm to pick her up; the interview was over.  She felt confident about her interview, so now it's just down to waiting, again. 

looking for number 18!
After about 30 minutes we pulled up the website, but the results weren't up yet.  Waiting...waiting...waiting.  Ugh, it's killing me.  Refresh, and yes, they're up!  Elizabeth's number was 18.  Is it there, please let it be there?!  Huge smile and an even bigger relief.  I called her down to see the screen.  Footsteps pounding the stairs, nervous giggles, and a smile of relief and joy.  She made it.  It's over, for this year.

For every momma who:  encourages, loves, pushes for better, hugs, smiles, and cries with their child, this posting is for you.  It's hard on moms.  We know and love our daughters for who they are, and want only success for them, but no matter what comes, we know that it's a chance for us to model grace, humility, and inward beauty for them.  It's a chance to point our girls towards being The 31 woman.  I want Elizabeth to be the woman known for her beauty, humility, and grace given by her Savior.

Celebrating life & seeing her number on the screen!


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