Joe Behaving Badly

Harry & Joe during our picture taking for prom
I love Harry's friend Joe.  He and his brother David (Hop's friend) have inserted themselves into our family like 2 more children.  They are awesome.  Joe & Harry are truly like Mutt & Jeff:   Joe is tall, blond, and burns like a lobster when he gets too much sun where Harry is shorter, dark headed, and gets a Hawaiian Tropic tan.  Don't worry Joe, Hoppy burns like that too. :/  Joe will come in & make himself at home.  I love that!  I love that I will come in my kitchen & tell Joe to decide what he wants to eat & close the refrigerator door.  I can give him the 'what are you doing look' that I give my own children & he knows what I'm thinking.  Their parents don't put up with any foolishness from my boys just like I don't with theirs.

Joe & Hop

Last night was prom, and after all the picture taking was over, Joe's family & our family went out to dinner.  HUGE treat for our clan.  (we don't eat out very often)  We decided to go to a great inexpensive Mexican place close to where we took pictures, and while there, we heard a very interesting story that included us & Joe behaving badly.  (Joe, you like shout outs, so here's your biggest one yet.  HaHa!)

Here is the story Cathy & Barry told us about Joe:  Cathy left Wednesday to go visit her family for four days, which means Barry was left in charge.  Now around here, when I'm gone & Hopson is in charge, things are a little more lax.  (and that's not the lacrosse kind of lax.)  Dad's just run things differently than moms do; it's not better or worse, just...different.  (it needs to be that way, it helps bring balance.  or at least around here it does.) 

Joe had gone to watch the soccer game at the high school.  After the game, Joe told David that he was going to spend the night at our house.  No big deal right?  It is as long as  you remember to ask one of your parents first.  Barry had settled in to catch up on some reading at home, became very comfy on the couch & fell asleep.  (that is a familiar sounding story, I do the same thing!  those of us in glass houses don't throw stones.)  When he woke up, David was at home, but then he realized that there was supposed to be another child in the house & currently there was no Joe anywhere to be found. 

Joe & David being silly.
At this point, David relayed to Barry that Joe was with us spending the night, and they both assumed that Joe had called to ask Cathy if it was OK.  Not the case, and when asked about it the next day, Cathy wondered what in the world they were talking about.  This is enough to frustrate any parent.  It's not that Cathy & Barry don't trust Joe or us, but they just would have liked to have the opportunity to affirm Joe's plans, that he, Harry & Pete cooked up. (which included playing lacrosse in the backyard, watching movies & eating a lot of junk.)

I had a great laugh about it & told them we were sorry.  If we had known Joe had not officially asked we would have made him call home.  Oh, teenagers.  You gotta love them, even when they behave badly.  If this is as bad as it gets, I'll take it all day long!  Love you Joe!  You know you can come over here any time, just make sure you clear it with your parents first!

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  1. I knew you were a great photographer but didn't realize you were such a great writer! Fun times ...


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