Birthdays & SUMMERTIME!!!!

Chimney Rock, Lake Martin
Today is the last day of school for my little people.  The big people were done with exams Tuesday.  WooHoo!!!  IT'S SUMMERTIME!!!

We love summer.  We love summer.  Did I mention we love summer?  Well we do.  It's been a hard year.  Everyone was stretched academically, athletically, and personally.  Now it's a time to take a big deep big breath.  (and it couldn't have come soon enough) 

Right now there are 15 teenagers at the lake for a few days.  It's going to be lots of laughter, and lots of memories made.  Wow I wish I was 17 again.  I wish I could be 17 and know what I know now.  I know those kids look at me and see a 40 year old, but I don't feel that old.  I feel like I just finished high school.  I feel like I could conquer the world.  (as long as I can stay awake to do it)  I think that's why I love teenagers so much.  Their possibilities are endless. 
My favorite birthday cake Cotton ever had
was a hamburger cake.
I want to wish my little brother, Cotton, a wonderfully happy birthday.  I keep thinking he's should still be a little boy, not a man.  (and yes, Cotton is his real name.  He's a 3rd & his son is the 4th.)  The day he was born was one of the happiest days of my life.  He was supposed to be a girl...surprise he was a boy!   I am 7 years older, and he was our real live baby doll growing up.  My sister, Amy, and I used to fight over who would feed, diaper, and change his clothes.  We used to play dress-up with him too.  It was great.  I learned a lot of my mothering from watching my mom with Cotton. 

I was my MeMaw & PawPaw's favorite child until Cotton was born.  :/  Amy gave my MeMaw fits so she wasn't their absolute favorite.  MeMaw never got angry, but Amy must have really pushed her buttons, because sure did spank her one time.  Part of the reason Cotton was the favorite was because he was a boy.  We are southern to the core...he is the one to carry on the family name. 

Happy 33rd birthday Cottie!  I love you!

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