No, It's Not Relative

I was flipping through stations on the radio on my way home tonight from a meeting, something I usually despise doing, looking for something to listen to on the radio.  It is a veritable wasteland.  I ended up stopping to listen to an apologetic pastor talking about relative truth.  The way he talked about it was very interesting.  I wish I could remember his name, but I can't.  He was speaking to a member of the Washington Post. 

This 'very smart' writer from the WP asked him why he thought there were so many problems in businesses with many of the Presidents and CEOs.  He said that we send our promising students to college to learn from people who have always believed in truth being relative and not absolute.  They are taught that truth can be what ever they want it to be.  He then said that when these brilliant young men and women become the president or CEO of a company and put into practice what they have learned, we have the audacity to be shocked by it.  We wonder why they have no moral compass.  And you know what we do?  We throw them in jail.  He mentioned that it might be a good idea to prosecute the teachers that molded their minds to think this way.

Truth can not be relative.  Either something is truthful or it isn't.  It's not what ever I deem it to be.  I know that may seem very narrow minded, but I have found that when I start to deal in shades of grey I get into trouble.  I know what I believe, and I'm not going to change my absolutes to be politically correct, or to fit into some pretty little box you have.  Sorry!  (well, not really, I was being sarcastic.)  My absolutes help define me and keep me safe.  Does this make me narrow minded?  Probably.  Do I care what most people think?  No.  It took me some time to get to this point, but I am absolutely positive it has made my life better!

Celebrating life!


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