Another Nothing Day

Well, it's been a nothing day, which is good and bad.  Good because everyone was able to have some down time, bad because there's nothing to write about.

Hop had a lot of friends take the ACT, and since he took the SAT last weekend he decided to put off retaking the ACT.  He called a friend before the test to give them a pep talk so he was up early.  I was proud of him.

Harry is getting ready to leave for tennis camp.  He gets to spend the week with his grandparents and his cousin Garner.  It will be a great week.

Elizabeth had someone over to spend the night, and they met a group of friends for lunch and a movie.  Fun fun.  I remember doing that with my friends, and I hope they will have a full summer spending time together.  I love her friends.

Hen had a friend over to spend the night as well.  Josh could be a member of the fam.  Hop, Harry & E all LOVE Josh.  They will all tell you he is just so cool.  Hopson & I noticed that Josh & Henry are very similar.  He's a great kid. 

Like I said, a nothing day, but it was a much needed nothing day.

Celebrating Life,


  1. I like nothing days. They replenish us and allow to be ready for the week!


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