I Need Some Advil & a Hot Bath...

...or 20 minutes under my electric blanket on high.  I am sore.  Not just a little bit sore, my whole body hurts, and I feel every one of my 40 years.  Well, my fingers don't hurt, so I guess it can't be considered my whole body.  I decided to really push myself with the cardio today because I'm not going to be able to workout tomorrow.  :(  I figured if I doubled up today it would make up a little bit for not being able to exercise tomorrow, and maybe I wouldn't feel as guilty.  Since I may not be able to move, the guilt will have to take a back seat.

I am living out the words 'stove-up'.  For those of you too young or not from the south, it means that whenever I stand after I've been sitting or laying down for any period of time, I hurt until all my muscles have loosened.  It hurts to just change sitting positions right now.  3 hours of Zumba will do that, especially if you have a bum knee.  As you know I started Zumba this week & my hips and outer thighs are killing.  It's funny because for years I've been trying to lose inches in those areas, but nothing has worked.  (I hate lifting weights with a passion.  It's so boring.)  Who knew that shaking your bootie could hurt so much.

I think I'm going to need some Advil and a hot bath.  Well, maybe just Advil and a hot shower...I don't want to have to climb out of the tub.  I smell so bad I just need something.  Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.  Losing hair and sore muscles, what a winning combination!  ;)

I'm not going to have access any internet except on my phone for the next few days, so if I get behind on my postings, please be patient, I promise I'll have some stories when I can get in front of my computer.

Celebrating Life!


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