I'm a Hot Sweaty Mess

I am a hot sweaty mess.  Welcome to summer in the south!  It's the humidity that gets me.  It doesn't have to be that hot, say 85 degrees, but you add in 80% to 90% humidity & it suddenly feels like 95 outside.  Yuck.  We had a swim meet tonight & I was in the full force sun for the entire meet.  Some clouds or a little breeze would have been nice, or maybe a tent, or since we were the visiting team, getting to spend part of the meet in the chairs that had shade...but it was all a no go.  Oh well.

You know those women who don't sweat?  Yeah, well I'm not one of them.  It pours from me until I look like I've been dumped in a pool or just stepped out of the shower.  My head even sweats.  I know it's an attractive thought.  Today I did Zumba, (it was great) and when I was done my hair was wet and my entire shirt was drenched.  None of the other women in the class even looked like they broke a sweat.  They were glowing.  (insert eye roll here)  And before you wonder, I'm a little fluffy, but not fat fat.  You know what I mean?  It's the I've had 4 children and could stand to lose about 15 more pounds kinda thing.  But I know that even if I lose the last 15 I'm still going to sweat up a storm.

The only thing I can think of that is positive about sweating that much is that I can get any impurities out of my body rather efficiently.  I just need to make sure I'm drinking enough water so I don't get dehydrated.  It great to be hot, sticky, and feel like you've been eating sand because you're mouth is so dry.  At the meet tonight, the dad I was working with told me he's pay $100 dollars for someone to get him some water.  I was thinking about the same thing, minus the cash, but I almost jumped up to go get him something to drink just to see if he was serious.  :)

Well, since I'm super sticky & feel really gross, I guess it's time for me to take a shower.  :)  I nice cold one, because yes, after a hard workout or too much time in the heat, I've even been known to sweat in the shower.  :/

Celebrating Life & dreaming of a nice cool breeze!


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