My State is Just Funny

The Art Wurks Chicken
Driving...driving...driving.  That's what I did today.  I drove 9 hours today from Tampa to home.  We made good time because I put the hammer down.  We were rockin' and rollin'.  I was a little sleepy at several different times during the drive.  Thank you Coke Zero for being so sweet to wake me up so I wouldn't nod off while I was driving home today.  Nodding off at the wheel bites the bootie.  (I've done it before, but it was a legit nod, I did what I needed to be able to stay awake.  It was super scary.) 

Go to Church sign...
so life giving, don't you think?
I have one complaint...people who live in little towns DO NOT know how to drive.  If you drive a little car & pull in front of me in my Suburban, don't be surprised if see my frownie face looking at you.  Hello, my car is a little heavy & will total your car if you just pull out in front of me.  If you try to tailgate me, I will go slowly until you back-up off my tailgate.  Slow traffic in the right lane, let those of us who like to drive fast & have a heart attack every time we see the police or state troopers hiding, pass you please in the left lane.  :)

Thankfully everyone slept the first 2-3 hours so there was no fighting.  :)  Yea, for no fighting.  We stopped only 3 times for the whole trip:  1 gas fill-up; 1 breakfast; and 1 for me to use the potty.  (it helped me stay awake.)

The big peach bootie. :)
The Peanut in front
of the National Peanut
Festival arena.  I couldn't
get it to turn the right way. :(

300 of the Florida miles are BORING.  Nothing but highway.  :/  It's a big concrete jungle.  Well, and clouds and rain for us today.  Thanks Tropical Storm Debby, won't you come up to my house?  My grass needs some rain.  I need more than just road and trees to look at while I'm driving.  I need something funny, I need something to look forward too.  I need metal chickens, giant peanuts, a peach that looks like a bootie, or the go to church sign.  Like I said, things to look forward too.  Things that are worth staying awake for, especially if you wake up at 3:30 am eastern time & can't go back to sleep. 

Thankfully, Alabama has lots of fun things to see.  Once we crossed the state line I was very excited, because I have some things I look forward to seeing.  Happy Happy Happy.  That's what it makes me.  :)  I hope the pictures make you laugh & if you're from the state of Alabama, you know where these are & I hope they make you smile too.

Celebrating the little things in Life!


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