Yea for Cooking!

I'm so glad my children like to be independent!  I'm glad they are not super needy.  It may be because we don't have time for it, or it may be because I'm a mean mom.  I'm not sure which.  I do push them to be independent, because one day they will not live with us anymore, and I want them to be able to cook for themselves, wash their own clothes, and have at least some idea on how to clean their own homes.

We came home a few days ago & Elizabeth wanted to make a homemade cheese pizza by herself.  Of course her brothers were all about it, and I knew she could do it.  She didn't make homemade dough, but she followed the directions on the box very well.  She had me look at the crust to see if it was precooked enough before she added the toppings.  Of course Harry wanted it super cheesy, so Elizabeth coated it with cheese for him.  He was happy to say the least.  I was proud of her, her pizza was gobbled up, it looked pretty, and she did such a good job cleaning up too!  WooHoo!!!

Elizabeth was pretty proud of herself too & the boys were very grateful.  It feels good when people eat what you have cooked.  It is a praise all on it's own.  All my children are learning to cook.  Even Henry.  I'm not always going to be there to make sure they have something to eat, and I figured it's better to start now rather than later.  (I also don't want them eating out all the time either.  So unhealthy for you.)

So Yea for Cooking!  And Cleaning up after yourself!!!  :)  I may have to throw down the gauntlet to see what all they can come up with. 

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