All Pistons Firing

I'm a bad patient.  I admit it, I hate being hurt or sick.  There's too much to do and not enough time to get it done in, and now it takes me twice as long to do anything.  I'm horrible about wearing my boot at home.  I just hobble around...carefully...and take care of what I need to do.  If my leg starts to hurt, I might put the boot on or just prop my leg up for a bit, but usually, I'll just suffer through it.

This is not always the best thing.  :/  I'll be moving right along taking care of mommy things or doing what ever work I need to when my calf will have an execrating pain slice through it.  It normally happens when I'm walking and start to lose my balance.  I will feel the muscle tense up and it's all downhill from there, until the muscle relaxes again.  I know the muscle tensing is not random, I know it does it because I'll probably fall if it doesn't. 

It reminds me of when you watch a movie that includes NASA or space ships.  You know the stabilizers that fire that keep the ship in it's orbit?  They fire as the ship needs it, and not all the time.  That is how I'm feeling about my calf muscle.  I don't need it to fire all the time, just when I'm about to fall over.  I end up looking like a drunken sailor walking around the house.  It would be pretty comical if it didn't hurt so much. 

I get to start rehabbing it Thursday.  I have to say I'm actually excited about it.  I just don't want it to get too stiff.  That's when rehab gets really fun, not!

Well, it's time for some aspirin and rest.

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