Me the Movie Critic; Part 2

We went to see the movie Brave today.  It was stormy, yucky, cabin fever was setting in, and the younger two and I wanted to see it, so away we went.

I like Disney movies.  They always have a good theme.  The endings are happy and there is humor throughout the entire movie.  I love the talking points you have with children after the movie is over.  Yes, I'm one of those parents who looks for teaching opportunities in almost everything.  If I don't have to think hard about something or learn something new each day, then I didn't stretch myself at all.  (some days are better than others.)

One thing we have tried to teach our children is to take personal responsibility for your actions, both the good and the bad.  If you do something great:  own it and thank God for the sense He gave you.  If you make a mistake: own it; truly, from your heart, ask for forgiveness; forgive yourself; fix what you can; thank Jesus for forgiving you; move on; and grow from it.  This is the main theme in Brave.  Merida makes some pretty big boo boos that could have lasting repercussions.  The movie is about her learning to work through making a big mistake and growing from it.

I would love to be able to make all my childrens' choices for them, but I can't do that.  I won't be going off to college with Hoppy next year.  (I don't to even think about it!)  At some point, children have to learn to make their own choices and live with the consequences.  There are times that children shouldn't be bailed out of trouble, in my humble opinion.  Guidance should be given, but 'making everything right' all the time doesn't teach a child how to deal with mistakes.  That's my two cents worth.  :)

If you need a great diversion for a few hours, go see Brave.  You'll be glad you did!

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