Never Forgetting the Past... we don't repeat it anytime in the future.  Today is day five in my 'good reads' journey.  You know, not all good reads are happy.  A lot of times they are hard hitting, thought provoking, and something that will rip your heart out.  It makes you ask why.  Why do we allow some things to perpetuate?  Why do we follow in silence?  Why is it hard to do or say the right thing when you have the opportunity to either make something right or at least better?

I read this article written by Guri Weinburg about the 1972 massacre of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes by the PLO 'Black September' group.  It is a gut wrenching piece about his father who was the first of the Israelis murdered.  It made me think, and it made me sad.  I was 9 months old when these killings happened, so obviously I don't remember it first hand.  Guri was only a month old.  He never really knew his father, only other's memories of him.  I can't imagine the hurt and total switch of emotions Guri's family and the other ten families felt. 

It's the Olympics, you have a child, husband, parent competing or coaching.  You are excited that your loved one is going to be representing your country in the greatest arena for athletes.  Can you imagine?  Can you put yourself in their shoes for just a minute.  Now imagine you find out your loved one has been taken hostage, tortured, and ultimately killed.  2 days...2 days...2 days.  2 days of hell.  2 days when you realize that it's over, and it's bad.  2 days and nothing, not even apology, not even an apology 40 years later.  A chance to make it right... 

Never forget the past, or we are doomed to repeat it.

celebrating life and remembering,


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