Oh, Just Put On Your Big Girl Panties!

this is not my leg, you can't
see my toes sticking out. :)
As  you know, I'm a bad patient.  I do not like wearing my boot.  It's big, cumbersome, and slows me down to a snail's pace, so while I'm at home I don't wear it.

Today I went to WalMart, and yes, I was wearing my boot.  I decided to use the trip like a workout even though I couldn't do speed grocery.  (a version of speed golf taken from the movie HouseGuest with Sinbad & Phil Hartman.  Very funny!)  So many people wanted to know if I wanted one of those little scooters.  That is a resounding no.  I was going to hobble around the store, leaning  heavily on the cart, and get my shopping done.

I only had a handful of things to get, but they were scattered all over the store.  About halfway into the journey I really wanted a scooter.  This is partially because I was looking at this precious little boy who was trying to fit keys in the different lock boxes to see if he could open one.  I wasn't watching where I was stepping & stepped on the wheel as I was pushing the cart.  Dork.  I think I ripped my muscle a little more.  Nice.  I thought I was going to throw up.  Needless to say, I was more careful to watch where I stepped.

I think I ended up doing two complete circles around WalMart.  Just shopping I could feel my heart rate getting up.  It's going to be a booger when I can start exercising at 100% again.  I think I'm going to take some Advil & go prop my leg up, my calf is killing me.  But I need to take the same medicine I would give my children in this situation...put on my big girl panties and deal with it!  For some reason, it doesn't taste as good going down as dishing it out.  :)

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