Olympic Fever

So, the fam and I have Olympic fever.  As you know, if the US was playing tiddlywinks, we'd watch it & cheer for the red, white, and blue.  There were some things that happened this weekend that made me raise my eyebrows or wrinkle them up.  Here they are:

Story #1:
US women's soccer Abby Wambauch getting sucker punched in the eye by Columbia's Lady Andrade.  What?!  Apparently FIFA is looking into the incident; we'll see what happens....   Ms. Andrade says it was an accident.  Um, well, on the video, it didn't look like an accident.  Abby was no where near the ball & Lady comes streaking up & just clocks her.  That's sportsmanship for you.

Story #2:
Jordyn Wieber. 17 years old.  USA gymnast.  And before the games started, Jordyn was favored  to help carry the team to gold, and to earn one for herself in the all-around.  She is now the face of the agony of defeat.  She is the face of letting go of what you wanted and stepping up and doing the best for the team.  It's a hard lesson for anyone, especially a teenager.  Years of training.  Years of knowing you are on track to be an Olympian, probably one of the best.  My heart went out to her.  In her interview after she lost what she worked her whole life for, I have to say I was proud of her.  It's not meant to be condescending, just truthful.  She acknowledged the hurt, and it does hurt, but she said:  "I'm going to the team finals, and I'm going to dominate this.".  It's time for her to show her mettle.  We all know life's not always fair, and as far as the Olympics are concerned, this is a perfect representation.  Jordyn is one of the best athletes competing in women's gymnastics, but she was the third best for the US yesterday, and only the top two from each team can go.  I think she is going to do great on Tuesday.  I think she is going to nail everyone of her routines, and earn a gold she wants so badly.

On a positive note, the US women's syncro diving team won silver.  We have several metals in swimming, archery, and we are killing it in basketball & volleyball.  Yea!  I love the Olympics.

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