Scrub it Down!

Why doesn't my cleaning bucket look this cute?
Oh yeah, because I actually use it.  :)
You know, most of the time, moms and dads clean differently.  I am the kind of person who likes things scrubbed clean and put in their places.  I want whatever I'm cleaning to be shiny and smell wonderfully clean when I'm done.  I don't like to do the bare minimum, and I really don't like a dirty cluttered house.

Hopson, on the other hand, is not to terribly concerned with cleanliness.  He will throw his stuff around & let it land where it may.  :/  This is very frustrating and drives me to distraction.  The children have adopted this mantra in life.  (Hence, Not Me has taken up residence.)

At the lake this weekend, I stayed behind with the children to get the house cleaned and put back into order.  On the way home I found out an interesting fact:  Hopson only makes the beds and vacuums when he is left to complete the cleaning.  Wow, I just didn't know what to say to that when the children told me.  'Totally gross' is what went through my mind, ugh.  When I told Hopson that the children had tattled on him, he told me to remind the children of rule #1.  Sorry, honey daddy, rule #1 does not apply here. 

Well, the house was scrubbed down and very clean when we left, so hopefully they will keep it that way for a few days.

Celebrating Life & a clean house!


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