"They never grow up"

The Good Time Gang

Coach Anderson, our high school's football coach said the above quote to me this past Thursday afternoon.  I laughed and agreed with him.  I have to say, I think it's good that boys don't ever fully grow up.  I know our home's biggest boy, big Hopson, still likes to have fun and play around.  With all the pressures men face, it's good that they can play to release tension.  (it's all about time and place)  I would rather have quite time or go get a pedicure, but men like their toys.

I love our coaches.  There are several of them that have been at the high school, I think, almost 40 years, and the coaches that are my age have been there almost 20.  You don't hear of coaches staying that long anymore.  I think Coach Anderson became a high school coach so he could be a pastor.  He has helped to shepherd 40 years of young men into adulthood through football.  All the coaches have attended more weddings and funerals than they care to count.  When anything happens concerning one of their players, I know from personal experience, the coaches are the first ones to arrive at the house.  They never let opportunities to love on their boys pass them by.  The coaches are helping to raise more than football players, they are raising men.

Coach said that if it wasn't for his knees, he would have been right in there with the boys.  I started laughing.  The guys would have loved that.  I would have loved taking pictures of him doing the slip n' slide.  With the heat being 100 Thursday, and probably 105-110 on the field, I almost considered joined them.  I don't think Hop would have appreciated that very much.

Believe it or not, I wasn't at the field to take pictures of the boys slipping and sliding, I was there to take some pictures of the 2013 lax seniors to go in our all sports book that will come out in the fall.  Since I just happened to be there with my camera, how could I not take some pictures of these guys?  I think they had a good time.

Thank you Coach Anderson, and all the coaches for all you do for our boys! 

Celebrating Life & boys being boys!


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