Today was a GOOD DAY!

Also known as Summer Blast...Day Three.  Everyone take a big deep breath, give a little phew, and you know you'll flash a huge smile.  Seeing children experience the risen savior will do that to you!  Today was the end of a great kid's conference.  The SideKicks Mr. Nathan & I work with didn't want it to end & they already can't wait until next year.   (I talked to a lot of kids who didn't want it to end either.  What a great problem to have!)

Today was the last day for summer blast.  It's one of those bittersweet times.  Anyone who works a VBS will tell you it's hard work, but so amazing.  It's amazing to be able to serve with adults and teenagers who love to show Jesus and pour life into the children of our city.   Everything about it was fun; worship, games, cinema, snack, and the imagination station. 

The game today was the bomb.  All kids like to play Angry Birds, (or at least mine do)  but today was insane!  We played a live version of Angry Birds.   I love that!  How fun for the kids!!!  They even had a slingshot for the older kids to use.  I think the teenage helpers were more excited about it than anyone else.  I wanted a turn too.  Mr. Evan took all the SideKicks who were with games  (he named them Alpha and Bravo teams, love it!) and let them compete against each other after they were done for the day.  It was great and the kids were talking nonstop about it!

Tonight we had the wrap-up to Summer Blast with a family night worship service.  We've never had a service for all the kids of  the church and their families.  It was fully dedicated to all the children of Summer Blast.  We did the worship set that we had everyday, we did our core values, and had a message from our children's pastor, Pastor Beth.  We ended the night with baptisms.  It was so exciting to see all the children who made the choice to follow Jesus this week and become a baptised believer.  312 children decided to make that outward showing of what Jesus is doing in their hearts.  :)

Henry & Pastor Beth
Yea Henry!!!  I love the look on PB's face! 

Henry talked with Hopson & me about getting baptised tonight.  As we talked to him about what it means to be baptised, we realized he understood what it meant to do it, and tonight Henry was one of the 312 baptised!!!  I have to say that the some of the happiest days of my life were when my children made their own choice to follow Jesus & then to be baptised.  It's a big decision, and it makes this mommy's heart so happy.

Tomorrow we are back to our normal routine, but really, because of this week, we will never be the same!  Praise Jesus!!
Celebrating Life!

My clan after Henry was baptized!


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