Check It Off the List

This week was school registration week for the fam.  The sweet ladies who are in charge of registration have the patients of Job, and a true servant's heart.  They work all summer to make sure that fall registration runs smoothly, and that parents get in and out as quickly as possible, with as little hassle as possible.  Excellence doesn't happen as an after thought. It is intentional, and they are intentional.

I love to be a registration worker bee.  I love to have a smile on my face and do what ever job I've been assigned to.  I hope they think I do a good job.  I hope they think I'm not being a pain when I have questions that are above my pay grade to answer. 

My job at the high school was the easiest.  I sat at a table with one of Hopson's friend's moms and asked people to join the PTO.  Basically we smiled and talked to people as they came through the line.  We gave some encouragement and hugs.  We laughed and talked about how we couldn't believe how all our babies were seniors.

At the middle school they put me in charge of collecting money at the supply sale.  It's not my favorite job, and it is by far one of the hardest, because by the end of your shift, your sheet and the checks/cash in your bag have to balance.  Hopson would be great at that with his big bean counter mind.  His fingers fly over an accountant's calculator.  Me...not so much.  I added my sheets and checks about four times each & I was off by $27 dollars.  Ugh, this is why I transferred out of business school in college, it makes me crazy.  I'm too Type A personality.  Now, I did welcome a new family to our city.  I told them if they needed anything, or had any questions about the schools to call us.  (I found out they moved up the hill from me.)  But, it's my pleasure to help in any way possible, and if I have to keep adding to get the numbers right, then I add the numbers again. :) 

At Henry's school, I smiled and took up registration papers and stapled the fees to the sheets.  Yes, I can do that.  I did have some hard questions, and luckily the nice moms in charge weren't too far away.  Like I said earlier, it was over my pay grade.  (Plus, it's better just to ask and make sure it gets done right the first time instead of someone having to go back and fix my mistake later.)  I don't know as many parents in Henry's grade, so it was nice to put some children's names and parent's faces together.

Well, I can check registration off my list of 'things to do in August'.  Yea!  Now if I can get rid of this cold sore on my lip I'll be better.  Registration makes me stressed.  Did my children get the teachers they wanted?  Do they have friends in their classes?  Did my big boys get their locker where they wanted?  It stresses me out.  But this is my last year to register all four kiddos.  Hopper is a senior, but 'I'm not going to think about that now...I'll think about that tomorrow.'. 

Celebrating Life & checking things off my list!


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