Hopper is Home!

Here they come!
Hop is in the sweat pants. :/

Today has been crazy.  You know those days where you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off?  Well, that is me & I have a feeling it will be me for the next 11 days.  (school starts the 20th)

Hey Anslee.  :)
Allison is on the left.  She & Hop
have known each other since they
were two years old. :)

But today was great because Hop came home from football camp.  Of course I was waiting with my camera, duh.  He was so happy to see me take pictures of him.  While I was waiting for him to be done unpacking the equipment truck, I strolled over & took some pictures of his friends who are on the dance line.  I love these girls! :)

He said camp wasn't as hot as in past years.  That's good.  He also said it wasn't as physically demanding either.  The state did away with 3 practices a day.  I think it's silly, but no one asked for my opinion.  I trust our coaches.  They watch the boys very carefully.  I mean they get weighed twice a day to make sure they are not losing too much water weight, and if you have cramps during the practices you get to sit a special table so they can make sure you get enough salt to retain water in your muscles.  I have a feeling that not all coaches are as diligent; therefore the rule.  For Hop now all that can become a distant memory.  I think he's relieved.

Hop is happy to be home.  Now he can finish all his summer work to turn in on Monday, yea!

I'm just happy to have all my chicks in the nest!

Celebrating Life!


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