Just a Stay at Home Mom

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone criticize and/or belittles say at home moms.  You may be wondering why I'm bringing this up today.  Last night, after Ann Romney spoke at the RNC, Juan Williams had the audacity to criticize her.  He said she had never really struggled.  He called her a corporate wife. 

This is what Hopson calls me.
I love that man!
Uh huh.  Juan, have you ever raised 5 children?  Have you ever 'held down the homestead' while your spouse worked long hours and weekends?  Have you had to mold and shape lives, and mold those lives into kind, productive citizens, and gentlemen of society while society is telling them differently?  Have you ever had to coordinate homework, sports schedules, doctor/dentist visits with multiple children.  Have you been diagnosed with MS?  Have you had breast cancer?  

Juan,  until you've experienced all these things, do us all a favor and shut-up.  I know shut-up is a not nice word...but I just said it.  And I mean it. 

The Romney's did not start off wealthy.  They did not inherit their money.  They earned it.  How can you fault him what he earned?  The Romney's made a choice for Ann to stay home and focus on their family.  Millions of women choose to do that every day.  I have chosen to do that.  When you criticize her, you are criticizing me.  What's so funny, is I don't think you understand what a stay at home mom really does.

Most stay at home moms don't just stay at home. We are involved in our children's schools, our churches, our communities. We support the arts, the underprivileged, and causes special to our hearts. We surround those who need love and support, and we band together to fight common foes. We are the first to get up and the last to go to bed. We run our homes with military precision and the love of Jesus.  We feel every accomplishment, victory, disappointment and heartbreak of our children and our spouses.  We work hard to make our homes a safe haven for our family and friends.

We have a direct hand in shaping the next generation, and Juan, you need to remember that 'the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world'.

Celebrating Life!


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