Less than Four Months 'Till Christmas and other thoughts...

Hey, I realized yesterday is four months until my birthday!  Happy 8 month anniversary to AYITL!  I feel like a teenager with her first boyfriend.  It's our 8 month anniversary, I love you sweetheart.  Gag me!  We'll talk when you've been married for almost 20 years.  Sorry, confusing the blog with a boyfriend.  ;)

A four year old asked me yesterday if I was four.  I said that my age started with a four.  She proceeded to tell me that since I had a four in my age that I was four.  You know what, four is a pretty good age.  You have someone else do a lot of stuff for you; you have to take naps; you get to color, play with puzzles, play dress-up, and  have great snacks at school; everything is fresh and new.  At 40, you get to do everything yourself; you want to take a nap, but can't; the closest thing to coloring, puzzles, and dress-up is when I write my name on a check or debit slip, balancing my checkbook, and going to the gym.  I don't get to eat snacks, too many calories, and I need to look in the mirror to see if I have a sign on my head that says "please cut in front of me while I'm driving my really big, heavy truck", because if I do, I'm going to be scrubbing it off.

I had another breathless calendar moment today, I really need to take aspirin everyday.  Meetings, forgotten paperwork, open houses, children's activities, children asking about dinner.  It stresses a body out.  Hopson felt sorry for me & brought flowers.  I felt so bad I had to ask him to stick them in water for me.  The ole smart phone has decided to stop syncing.  Um, that is a huge problem.  My phone is my brain.  Ugh, I figure it out tomorrow.  I'm tired and my brain is shutting itself off, being up for over 18 hours makes for one sleepy mommy.

Four months and counting!

Celebrating Life!


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