Noticed Something Funny

I love my Angry Birds band aid!
So I'm driving today, trying to get things done before I have to take Harry to the doctor's office & I notice something funny on my arm.  I'm very freckly, but this is not a freckle. 

Having a mother who passed away from melanoma, I'll give you one guess as to what I thought it was.  Since we were going to the dermatologist anyway I asked them to fit me in. 

I'm glad I did.  As Becky, the nurse practitioner, looked at the spot she for sure wanted to biopsy it.  They pull out a needle that's at least a yard long to numb the area they are going to cut on.  I hate needles so much!  I would rather be sick than have a needle stuck in my arm.  Yes, I know you get stuck a lot when you're pregnant, and you know what?  Every time I was jabbed in the arm, I passed out.  Needlephobic, in a major way.

I can't watch them cut on my arm.  Just the thought makes my flesh crawl.  I would make the worst doctor or nurse.

Becky told me that she wasn't worried about my spot.  She thinks it will either come back as nothing or as a pre-cancerous spot.  Hopefully it will be nothing.  I'm not going to worry about it, because there is nothing I can do about it. 

Well, I'm going to run...need to get Henry to football practice.  Life continues on!

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