I Think It Was Culture Shock Part 2

High School Football game won: Check
Big TV out to watch a day of college football:  Check
Snacks for said games:  Check
Lake:  Check

We took Hopson's parents and niece and nephew to the lake today so they could experience the redneck Rivera.  (Lake Martin)  I think they had fun.  It's a very laid back place.  It's not fancy, but it's our place that we've made 8 years worth of memories with our family.  That means it's one of the greatest places on earth.  Our kiddos have learned a lot of things at the lake:  problem solving, hard work, relaxing, facing your fears, working as a team, and relaxing.  Yes, I did mean to put relaxing twice.

Hopson and I are old school and have made all of our children learn how to water ski.  Most people wake board or surf now, so there aren't too many people who ski anymore, but it's fun to be able to do something not everyone can do.  The older three can slalom ski.  Henry is still learning. 

Today Claire skied.  GiGi, my mother in-law, said Claire had not skied in 5 years.  I have to say, it's not really like riding a bike.  It is a little harder, but Claire did great!  Because we're a loud family, we are whooping and hollering and I'm snapping pictures.  Briscoe is captain cautious & was not interested in skiing, but he and Henry had a great time jumping off the dock, swimming and intertubing. 

We had a blast with family and were so glad to be able to show our Virginia family a little southern culture.  :)

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