So Much Going On

There is never a dull moment at the high school.  There are a ton of activities going on in the fall.  I needed to go up and take a picture of one of Hop's friends for a yearbook ad, and I was laughing at the busyness of it all.
  • The football team was taking up the entire field with a practice in full pads.
  • The middle school cross country team was running the track.  The high school team was running the streets I think.
  • The band was on the baseball field practicing the halftime show.  Shout out to Lauren, Anslee, and Allison.
It was me dodging kids all over the place.  I loved it!  Sometimes being busy isn't a bad thing.

Celebrating Life!
There were groups like this one all over the field...

The band stretching
The middle school XC team

The Rockette Dance team
getting ready to practice
The Majorettes
The flag team practicing
in the background you can see
the percussion section


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