The 1st of 15

Tyler, Will, Will, Hop, Dave, & Kalvin
Hannah, Abbey, Lauren & Alex
As I have mentioned about 100 times, football season has begun...finally!  But, I didn't really talk about the football game Friday.  Of course the goal for all teams is to make it to state, but I know I haven't wanted it this badly since my brother, Cotton, was a senior.  Every parent of a senior wants their child to win state.  To have the feeling of knowing you're the best, and there is no one better.

Cheerleaders &
The Go REBELS guys
Friday the Rebels began the road to state finals with a 'W'.  The first of the fifteen.  We played a great rival, the Homewood Patriots.  (I found out the Homewood band is going to be playing the presidential inaguration in January.  Congrats to the Patriot band!  Wow!!!) 

Tyler, Will, Will, Hop,
David & Kalvin
It's so fun to be a part of each game: the students who come out and support the team; the band who works hard to play so well during the game and halftime; the cheerleaders who paint the bust-through and pump the crowd up; and being with the parents who I have known for so many years as we've watched our boys grow into men.  It's just fun.  It's so cool to see our guys step up and be leaders.  They are the seniors.  They are the ones to take the lead.  They are not to wait to be told what to do, but see what needs to be done, and do it.  I love it!  I love these days, and I love these kids.

Final:  HHS 17  VHHS 32
It's going to be a great fall as we cheer on the Rebels.  14 more wins!  Go Rebels!!!

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