Bring It On

I have turned into a total geek.  I am actually very excited about tonight's presidential debate.  I need something soft to throw at the TV when they say things I don't like.  I have never cared about a presidential debate like this one.  Usually I'm just ready to cast my vote & be done with it, but not this time.

I know Hop wants to watch.  He kinda needs too since he will vote in 5 weeks and he's taking AP Government & AP Econ.  Elizabeth will watch too because 1. she has a good bit of homework to do and 2.  she's taking civics.  This is Civics 101 at it's best.  Way cool.  Harry won't watch because he can't vote so he'll go to FCA.  Henry will probably be in bed.  After 8 is too late.  :)

OK, gotta go.  Have to feed the peeps.

Celebrating Life!


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