Gonna Go Head & Interrupt



Warning, I'm climbing on my soapbox this morning, so if you don't want to read it, just step away from the computer...now.  You've been warned.
I watched the vice presidential debate last night.  The one thing that kept running through my head last night was the Mad TV skit with Bon Qui Qui.  If you've never seen it, OMG you are missing out on a great laugh, but I digress.
A friend posted this on Face Book last night, and I think it fits perfectly with what happened last night:   "If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet."  Prov. 29:9   God always has great truths!
I was very impressed with Paul Ryan.  He was very collected during the debate.  I would have respectfully looked at the VP & asked him to, very nicely, in the most life giving way possible, shut his pie hole.  I don't need you laughing or being a jerk.  I need you to shut it.  What would Vice President's Biden's mother said to him if she was alive.  I hope she would have said we don't interrupt when others are speaking.  That is a rule we teach our kids.  That is why you only have 4-5 minutes to speak VP, duh.
I don't think what is happening to this country is a joke.  I don't think that all our embassies in the middle east being invaded and people being killed is funny.  I don't think it's funny that there are 65% more people on food stamps and the total number of people employed is down -.7% since the president took office.  I don't think you can tax our country into prosperity.  I think the war on women should be focused on how women who want a job can't find one, and not on contraception.  I believe life begins at conception. It's funny how a one celled amoeba on another planet is considered life, but on our beautiful planet, created by an incredible loving God, through Jesus Christ, that a 5 day old embryo (called a blastocyst), that has 100 cells, is just considered a mass of tissue.  Yeah, whatever.
OK, so those are my opinions on just a few issues.  I've been studying up, and if you haven't, shame on you!  Don't be lazy, don't buy what the liberal media is dishing out.  Research it for yourself. 
There are 24 days 14 hours and counting until the election.  Not to vote is to vote. 
Celebrating Life & the rights of life, liberty and, the pursuit of happiness!


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