I Really LOVE Teenagers

The Before Picture...

Lizzie & Hop

No, really, I do, I'm not being a smarty pants here. Yes, they have drama. Yes, they can be trying at times. But I'll take a room of 15 year olds over a room of 2 year olds any day!

Homecoming was this past Friday.  Both boys had precious dates...see pictures.  :)  Hopson and I had to divide and conquer.  Every time this has happened & I've had to trust him to take pictures of which ever child he is trailing I've ended up with 2 pictures and at least one was blurry and the other was off center with no one looking at the camera.  This year, I was VERY specific about what I wanted.  (he was going with Harry) I have to give him props, he took some great pictures.  He took some with Haley's mom's camera in it too, but I can crop that out.  See below, it's rather funny.  (insert eye roll here.)  Dads, what are you going to do with them?

Haley & Harry

We had about 40 sophomores over for the...duh duh duh...after party.  It was wild; it was crazy; we had the cops called on us; and I loved every second of it.  Yes, you did just read that the cops were called to my house.  Don't know who did it; don't really care.  The kids were having good clean fun in my backyard & I'm not apologizing for it.  No one was drinking, doing drugs, or the other thing that begins with S and ends with X.  They were squealing because they were throwing shaving cream on each other, and when you get 40 teenagers together at 1 am, they are going to be loud. 

How Harry & Pete
cleaned up Hop's room :/

Earlier in the day I realized that the girls were going to go into Hop's room to change, and since he is an 18 year old boy, I knew his room was a mess.  I asked Harry & Pete to please help me, since I was cooking and getting everything ready for later that night, to clean Hop's room.  About 20 minutes later they came down and said it was all done.  Did I worry how they had cleaned it up?  No, I was just thankful I didn't have to do it.  I should have known...I should have checked....shoulda, coulda, woulda.  They shoved everything into Hop's closet.  Thanks guys, 'preciate 'ya.  Oh well, beggars and all that.  (insert head shake here)

A sample of Hopson's picture taking ability...


I think I had more fun than the children had.  I always laugh my head off when we have a group over.  They are a great group of kids and are welcome at my house anytime!!!  I hope I get to have them over again, they make my day.  Thanks everyone for letting in on your homecoming memories.  I hope when you look back in 20 years you can smile just a little.

Celebrating Life & having a house full of kids and laughter,

After the Shaving Cream


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