Long Time No Write

...Or See Or Speak apparently.

Yes, I know this is the 'red ring of death'
but that's what I feel like when I should
be putting up a post.  :)
I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything in forever.  No one told me that my schedule would become more crazy the older my children became.  It feels like it did when they were toddlers only now there is a lot more money involved.

When I'm ready to sit down at the computer and write there are a couple of things that happen.  Either I am in the car doing something for the children, or there are people waiting in line to use the computers for homework, and around here homework trumps blogging.  :/  There are so many things that have gone on over the past few weeks.  Some are funny and some are just normal life happenings.

I'm still trying to adjust to our new after school schedule, but I'm going to do my best in posting everything.  I have not done a good job in my 366 days of posting, so this year will be more like 336 instead.

Some upcoming stories that I'll have for you:  Both boys have asked their dates to homecoming.  I have funny pictures and the events to post about it, so I'll do it tomorrow!  :)  Hop had the varsity defense over for dinner a few weeks ago, they were like a plague of locusts.  We barely had any food left.  I'm back to spending my life in my car again.  I'm a mom what did I expect?  I think I've retorn my calf...that stinks, but more about all of this later.

OK, so I have my game plan in place & will restart blogging in earnest again tomorrow!

Celebrating Life!


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