Tailgating in the Grove...

...is something everyone should experience.

If you've never been to Oxford, Mississippi to tailgate in the Grove, you should.  There is nothing like it in the world.  The grove is beautiful.  Really the whole campus and town are beautiful.   

The Ole Miss fans know how to tailgate.  There is enough food to feed an army, and there is an army around.  People will stop by each other's tents to visit and of course eat and maybe grab a drink.  They call it 'Southern Hospitality' for a reason.  Duh...  You will see the good silver out in some tents, and in others you won't.  They are all decorated in some form or fashion though.  It just wouldn't be southern if it wasn't made to look pretty.  They bring their big screen TVs so they can watch other games, because tailgating in the Grove is an all-day affair. 

People in the south dress-up for football games.  If we wear shorts, they will not be Nike workout shorts.  It's just the way it is.  We are going to take pride in how we look.  We will be wearing our school's colors, but we're going to look good wearing them.

I need to thank some of Hopson's long time family friends for allowing us to crash their tailgate.  Hopson's brother, Will, and his family were down from Virginia to go to the AU/Ole Miss game, and they were kind enough to help the 12 of us feel welcome.  Thank you Paige, Tracy & Brooke for allowing our crazy fam to hang out with you.  We had a wonderful time visiting with you all.  Hopefully if you ever come to AU we can return the favor.

It was a fun two days visiting family and friends. 

Celebrating Life!


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