'Ya Just Butt Dialed Me

Carpool, it's the most wonderful time of the day...not. It's just nuts, and I really think a lot of people lose their minds when they have pick-up their children at all the schools. I'm surprised no one has been killed or seriously maimed because of it. But, every once in a while, something really funny will happen that will make your day. Noting says 'have a happy day' like being butt dialed by your senior in high school.

It's a free chance to stretch my vouyering muscles. I would love to tell you that I heard some great secrets of what guys do in the locker room, but I only heard garbled talking & a lot of laughing. Belly laughing...the kind that when you hear it you start to laugh too. I plan to ask Hop what they did today in the locker room, but until then, I'll just be happy with the laughter.

I kept thinking that I would hear something like what you see in movies. I kept picturing the scene from 'Remember the Titians' when they're in the locker room.  Now that's a momma joke.  You can't help but to giggle.  It's just funny.  I have never been in a boys locker room while boys are in there...I don't plan on it anytime soon either.  Have you ever smelled a boy's locker room?  It totally stinks.  (or at least I'm pretty sure it still smells like it did 20 years ago)  We used to decorate the locker room each Friday during the football season.  Good memories!  I love laughing at kids, it's my favorite. 

Celebrating Life!


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