Children are the BEST CopyCats

My children are the best copycats.  I have always been able to tell if I'm being a good example of how I act based on my four kiddos.  Like it or not, children learn what they live.

This Friday was the last game for our sweet football team.  We lost in the 3rd round of the playoffs.  We lost to our arch rival.  We were motivated, but just came up short, and you know what; it really stinks. 

One thing I will say about our kids, both the ones on the field and off of it is that they are good sports.  When our kids cheer, they cheer for us, and not against the other team.  When our cheerleaders painted the bust-through, it was for our team, and not against the other team.  There are two places that unsportsmanlike behavior is stopped:  at home and with the head coach.

Our head coach does not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior.  Hopson & I don't tolerate it either.  I would rather lose a game than my children jeopardize their integrity by showing their fannies.  I don't understand it.  To me, it's just another form of bulling.  You know what I think of bullies?  I don't like them.  I don't care if it's the student body chanting 'Rebel Haters'; guys painting their bodies to say 'bye bye Rebels', or the cheerleaders painting a bust-through that taunts our team.  They represent your school and right now, I don't have a very high opinion of y'all. 

I'm sorry if you have a child that goes to that school.  I'm sorry if you think that it's ok and just harmless fun.  I guess we will agree to disagree.  If you are teaching your child it's ok now, what's going to stop them from doing the same in the working world?  Children learn what they live.

I'm proud of my Rebels.  I'm proud of this class of seniors.  They were ready to lead by example.  They had a great group of coaches to copy.  They have a great group of parents to copy too.  They can copy from each other.  It's been a great season.  I can't wait to see what these guys do in the future!

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