Something You Earn

I remember my momma & daddy saying that you appreciate things you earn more than things that are just given to you.  A lot of times it's the struggle that gives that thing worth.  It doesn't matter if this happens on the field of play or in the workplace.  The older I get the more this means.  (especially after Tuesday) 

Tonight was the opening round of the playoffs for high school football.  Thankfully, we won our area so we had home field advantage.  There is always a lot of anticipation that comes during the playoffs.  If you lose, you're done.  Just like that the football season is over.  All the hard work, all the sweat, all the up/downs, all the sprints, over.  The finality of it all looms over you when you are a senior or have a senior.  Every parent wants their child to be on a state winning team.  Every parent knows their team, on any given Friday night, can win.  It all depends on which group of teenagers chooses to show up. 

I love this kid.
We have a tradition at our high school that if you are deemed worthy, you can don the beloved red jerseys in the playoffs.  The first state winning football team from our school wore red jerseys & to have the honor of wearing them is huge.  It's not a privilege, it's an honor.  There were rumors floating around that our guys were going to get to wear them.  All the moms and dads were on pins and needles.  Please let them be worthy. 

The team captains come out in our regular blues.  This is a common ploy so it's a surprise for the fans.  I look over to where the team comes out & you know what I see...a hint of red!  So excited for these boys.  I'm so proud of these boys.  There is something special about them, and I've known it since they were in the 7th grade.  Maybe it's that they are a team in every sense of the word.  You don't see one boy trying to outdo everyone else on the team.  You see them doing whatever it takes to overcome an adversary.  They don't care who does it, because there is no i in team.

Can you see the hint of red?

Congrats Rebels on tonight's victory!  You have until tomorrow morning to enjoy it, and then it's onto next week's challenge.  We are all standing together as Rebel Champions!  4 more weeks until we WIN STATE!!!

Celebrating Life & things that are earned!


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