Birthdays All Around

I'm mean, how could
you not love that face?
Today marks a wonderful day in my life.  Today is Harry's birthday.  Not just any birthday, but his sweet 16!  December is chocked full of birthdays for the fam.  Hopson's oldest brother's wife's birthday is December 20th, I'm the 26th, big Hopson the 30th & Harry is today.  December is a little expensive, but so worth it.

Harry got online to see if the DMV would be open, and they said they would be closed the 1st.  He was so excited because he knew he would get to take his driver's test today. Yea!  Another driver in the fam.  So, we go out to the DMV & guess what is posted on the door?  You guessed it; they are closed for the 31st and the 1st.  This made for one very sad 16 year old.  I had to wait two days to get my license too.  It really stinks. Oh well, there was nothing for it, so we'll go back on the 2nd.

Harry decided to go to a new restaurant in town called Mooyas!  for his birthday dinner.  The only problem, Mooyas! was closed.  We thought it was par for the course.  We just need one more thing to be closed to get a trifecta.  We had a great laugh at Harry's expense.  For dessert he wanted a double decker cookie cake.  Whatever makes his highness happy, his highness will have.  (or at least try to have.)  :)

Harry is a great kid.  He is cute, funny and has never met a stranger.  He is a good and loyal friend.  I know I sound like a doting mother, but he is all these things.  He's also a great driver.  He's going to love running errands for me.  :)

Of all my four, his birth was the easiest.  It was four hours from start to finish.  God knew I needed an easy delivery.  My mom had been put in the hospital the day before because her cancer had metastasized to her brain.  I told the doctors I needed her with  me.  They didn't listen to a very pregnant crazy person.  :/  We were a scheduled induction, and knowing that others would show up to try to get the end of the year tax deduction for a 31st birthday, we arrived at 4 am instead of 5.  Good thing too, the inn was all full by 6.  Auburn played in a bowl game that night, and we were comfortably watching it in my room.  It was a good night. 

Harry was a beautiful baby, and also a very good baby.  He was so chubby his first year of life we nicknamed him Buddah.  My brother still calls him that today.  It's funny because he is so skinny now.  I think he's a pretty good lookin' teenager.  Mother's prerogative.  Sue me!  It's been a great 16 years & I can't wait to see all he will accomplish in the next 16.

I love you Harry!!!

It's a great day to celebrate life!


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