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Alright, at the house the fam has started noticing me really getting into politics.  Sometimes I become that really frustrated angry mom on the right.  At what point will we declare that we just can't take it anymore?  I hate mainstream media.  They make me want to plug my ears with cotton balls and hide in my closet.  Unfortunately, change will not happen that way, so I'm going to arm myself with a smile and my computer.  I'm using a lot of different multimedia sources to find things out.  I love:  Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Chicks on the Right, CWA, and my newest find:  Intellectual FrogLegs.  OMG, Joe Dan Gorman is hilarious!  He is a good 'ole boy who uses humor and truth to point out the flaws in liberalism.  He had me ROLLING!  If  you need a dose of truth, you have to check him out.   

It drives Hop crazy because I'll really only read conservative stuff.  I just can't stomach the other.  I hear enough of it on the radio and in life.  We usually debate things pretty heavily.  Ah, the ignorance of youth.  He has brains, but sometimes lacks wisdom. (I have the wisdom, I just wish I had some of his brains.)  Just bless his heart Lord, bless his heart.  And please Lord, keep me from wanting literally beat some sense into him.  Thank goodness for Big Hopson!  He will jump in and use that way he has of turning someone's incorrect opinions/knowledge on them to help them see how stupid they are.  (He used to do it to me, but after being married for 19 years, I put the kibosh on that.)  The man should have been an attorney.

In all seriousness, know what you stand for.  Don't trust others to do the work for you, research things yourself.  It's not like it was 25 years ago.  You don't have to go to a library for hours of toiling research, it's at the touch of your fingers.  One thing JDG said on Intellectual FrogLegs about the constitution vs. new healthcare mandate hit me hard.  He said that the founding fathers used less than 8 pages to write the US Constitution.  In comparison, the new healthcare mandate is 2700 pages and growing.  WOW!  Original laws of the land...socialized healthcare, which do you think is more important.  That was a stupid question I know, but guess who might have been a little too wordy...'ya think?

So, if you need some truth that you won't get from mainstream media, and you need a big laugh, check this guy out! He will make your day!!!

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