Just in Case You Need a Reminder

This is for some friends from high school, but it applies to so many of us.  If you've ever, in your adult life, had someone say ugly things about you behind your back, this posting is for you.  If you've ever had to remind your child that what someone said about them is untrue, this posting is for you.  If you are fighting your past, your present isn't the best, and your future looks dismal, this posting is for you.


I wish I could say that I wrote this document, but I didn't.  (click the link & it will take you to a google doc.  I tried to post it on the blog, but it didn't show up in two columns like it's supposed to.)  It was given to me, and now I'm giving it to you.  It's one of those papers I keep tucked in my bible so I can remember that I already know who I am. 

I hope it blesses you.  God's words are truth!  Choose to accept these words and choose to reject any negative words people try to speak over you.  Words, both what we speak and what we hear, can bring life or death.  You have a choice. 

Choose life & celebrate life!



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