Wait, You Took It How Many Times?

He's ready to be called to the back
to begin this thing!
So as  you know, Harry & I tried to go get his driver's license this past Monday on his birthday, but they were closed.  Total bummer.  We made plans then to leave our house by 7 am today to go for his driver's test.  I figured with four days worth of 16 year olds wanting to take their driver's test it would be busy.  And...momma was right.  (but then again, when is momma not right?) ;)

At 7 am Harry was the third person in line.  Yea!!!  It was cold this morning just in case you were wondering.  We have all the paperwork needed, and I'm sitting in the waiting room while Harry goes in to take care of everything & at this point I'm excited for him.  I know he's going to ace this thing.  Harry's driven a ton.  If he's in the car with me, more times than naught he's the one driving.  He's driven on the interstate at both day and night.  He's a good driver.

Harry gets all the eye testing and paperwork completed and we go out to wait for him to be called out to drive.  I still have no doubts that he is going to pass.  Then the first three children are called to take their test, and as all moms are apt to do, we start to chat.  Yeah, that became a very scary thing.

The child testing after Harry was on his 5th try.  No, I'm not joking.  The girls in the next grouping were each on at least their 2nd try, and most of their friends have failed at least once as well.  Apparently the place we went is more apt to fail potential drivers than they pass.  Um, my stomach dropped like a rock and now I'm nervous.  These children are rapidly aging me.  8/  I really don't want to make another trip out here for him to take the test again.  He only needs a 79 to pass.  Please let him pass, please let him pass, please let him pass. 

Mug shot version of his driver's license.

I see him pulling him out to go for his test; I will not panic I will not panic I WILL NOT PANIC!  Maybe if I keep repeating it to myself I will start to believe it.  I just have to trust that he's practiced enough with Hopson and me to pass this test.  5 minutes...10 minutes.  Where is he?  Just then I see the car pull into the back of the parking lot.  One of the moms told me that if I see a white piece of paper in his hands it's all good & he passed. The guy in front of him didn't have a white piece of paper, but told his mom he passed, I don't think he did because they didn't go to the back to get his picture taken.  I walk outside to meet Harry & guess what I spy?  Yep, the white piece of paper!  I asked him if he passed & that little goober shook his head & told me no.  I told him I saw the piece of paper & smiled.  He broke out into that great Harry grin I love.  I was very proud of him.

Harry's all smiles!

Back to the back he goes to have his picture made for his new driver's license.  He's grinning like the cat that ate the canary.  Coming out of the back he starts to laugh because his picture looks like a mug shot, it's really funny.  As we are walking out we wish good luck to the other applicants.  I'm happy for Harry.  It's a big day when you get your driver's license.  He and some friends are going to Mooyah! for lunch today.  It's both a happy and sad day when your child drives off for the first time.  Spread your wings and fly my little chick!  Just don't forget about your momma still guarding the nest.  I love you Harry!  Congratulations!!!

Celebrating Life, driving & a little independence!


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