I Heart You Valentine

I know Valentine's Day was 4 days ago, but I have to write about Henry's class party.  His teacher did something so wonderful and different & I loved it!!!

Caleb drew Henry & guess what's in the heart...CANDY!
Now, before I talk about the party, I need to let you know some things about how I view Valentine's Day & school Valentine's parties.  I absolutely abhor Valentine's day.  Well, abhor may be a little strong.  I dislike it...a lot.  We didn't celebrate Valentine's day in our house.  I don't want one day a year to show Hopson I love him.  And, I do not think that Valentine's should be given from parents to children.  That's just my opinion, and it's my blog & so, yeah, there you go.

I love it when Hopson brings me flowers for no reason, or if he surprises me when I've had a really bad day.  I've actually saved every one of them.  I have different containers around the house that have all the dried buds, and each bud speaks to him thinking of me.  Sorry...rabbit trail, or in Davidease...squirrel!

I love Walker's expression in this picture.
I can be crafty, when I want to be.  If I'm forced to be crafty, I'm not.  I really don't like to help decorate the Valentine's box; buy the Valentine's cards; force the child to write his/her name as neatly as possible, and write classmates' names as neatly as possible.  I would rather stub my toe on a leg of one of the chairs in my den.  It's maddening!

Well, Mr. Henry's teacher totally rocks.  She had an idea for something different for the crazy day of love.  Each child would pull a classmate's name out of the box, (boys pull boys & girls pull girls ~ they are in 4th grade after all.)  and then write 3 things about that person they thought describes them.

Henry telling the class what is great about Walker.

I LOVE THAT!!!  To hear a classmate say why they think you're a special person is worth it's weight in gold.  I had a great time helping Hen with his friend, Walker's, poster.  I went waaayyy back into the memorial archives to do something different.  I think it was a hit.  You use sayings that match up with different candy & we taped the candy under the saying.  Henry did the majority of the work, but I helped with the candy party.  I think I had as much fun as he did.  The look on all their faces as they were being praised were priceless!  All the children were creative, and I have to say I was so proud of them all.  I know Mrs. G was too!

It was a great party, and it made my heart happy.  I know Henry is keeping his poster.  It's so much better than a little Valentine card that he would never read again with candy on it that may never be eaten.  Well done Mrs. G!!!

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