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It Was a God Moment

You know when you hear a worship song & you just want to start dancing?  Kinda like David did when the Israelites were bringing back the ark into Jerusalem.  It's in 2 Samuel 6 and in 1 Chronicles.  It just pure joy of the Lord coming over you.  If you've never felt it, worship Him with all that you are & it will, I promise.  It just bubbles up inside you & you can't help yourself.  It's a physical manifestation of the spiritual.

I had one of those moments yesterday in  my car of all places.  It's a little hard to dance while you're driving, but I was dancing in my heart & worshiping with everything I was.  It was really cool. 

While I was listening to the words I saw the many different ways God has fulfilled the words of this song.  He is always faithful and you just have to look to the Word becoming flesh to realize He is the great I Am.  We serve an amazing Lord...Wow!!! 

The song is by one of the greatest contemporary worship songwriters, Ch…

Celebrate the Girl!

My sweet Elizabeth...surrounded by brothers.  Brothers who don't like her to be too girly.  I've been trying to tell them there's a difference in being girly and high maintenance.  I don't know if they believe me.

I mean, cut her some slack...she's not whiny or demanding.  She shot a doe & a nine point buck this season.  She's pretty easy going when it's all said and done.  I don't know what else I can do for them to show how, for a girl, she's about as calm as they come.

Well, that is except on her birthday.  March 22nd.  It was my dad's birthday too.  It's a great day for a birthday.  My daddy would have loved Miss Priss.  She's kind, smart, a gifted writer, not intimidated easily, and when she gets nervous she giggles.  Her GiGi & Pop love her to pieces, so I know mine would have too.

Since it was her big 13th birthday we had a girls' day.  I had a blast!  We went shopping for a bit to get ideas for spring.  We had her ma…

A letter to my Children

My dearest children,
I want, need have to write  you this letter.  I want to apologize.  I realize that I am not everything  you need in a mother, and I have done you a great disservice.  I have not taught you how to do things that will be needed as you get older.  Today my inadequacies became blaringly clear.  While working to keep our home clean and in working order, I walked into your rooms and came across huge messes.  I had hoped that some of my type A personality had rubbed off on each of you, but alas, it is not to be.  You wallow in your filth and don't think twice about it.  Clothes, papers, money, candy wrappers (and you know how I feel about eating upstairs...) all over the place; your bathrooms are piled high with you stuff.  The playroom is full of dirty socks, discarded shoes, empty coke cans, plates (and you know how I feel about eating upstairs...), unfolded blankets, sofa pillows in disarray.

I have tried to teach you four to pick-up after yourselves.  When you ta…

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Well, not chicken dinner, but more importantly...what am I going to fix these people for dinner?  It's a series of questions that rolls around in my head daily!  What can I give them that's both healthy and easy to make? Are they going to eat it or turn their noses up at it and complain?  They better not complain, because I just might implode, or lasers might shoot from my eye's a toss up.

Last night I was able to put up a W!  Yea...I must do the dance.  I needed a good win, and it was a new recipe for us.  Well, not really new, but some favorites combined into something new.  It was fairly labor intensive, so as I'm chopping and dicing & trying to get it finished, I'm really hoping they love it.

The first good sign was that they all wanted to eat the fresh veggies out of the bowl that were waiting for the meat.  I had to smack a few hands and give a stare down or two.  So, I get all the veggies cut up & the flavors are all meshing & let me…