Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Well, not chicken dinner, but more importantly...what am I going to fix these people for dinner?  It's a series of questions that rolls around in my head daily!  What can I give them that's both healthy and easy to make? Are they going to eat it or turn their noses up at it and complain?  They better not complain, because I just might implode, or lasers might shoot from my eye's a toss up.

Last night I was able to put up a W!  Yea...I must do the dance.  I needed a good win, and it was a new recipe for us.  Well, not really new, but some favorites combined into something new.  It was fairly labor intensive, so as I'm chopping and dicing & trying to get it finished, I'm really hoping they love it.

The first good sign was that they all wanted to eat the fresh veggies out of the bowl that were waiting for the meat.  I had to smack a few hands and give a stare down or two.  So, I get all the veggies cut up & the flavors are all meshing & let me tell you they meshed beautifully!  I quickly cooked the meat, threw it all together; threw it in the oven at 350 for I think 30 minutes (you know I don't write stuff down) & SCHAZAMM!  Dinner is served.  :) 

While it was cooking I cut up some fresh pineapple & it was a meal that made me happy.

Now if I can remember the recipe...

I made a version of Picarro.  If you've never eaten it, oh you are missing out.  It is so fresh and light and happy and springy/summery, and goodness in a bowl.  You want to drink the juice after you eat what's in the bowl.  Yeah, it's that good!  The only difference in the normal picarro & what I made last night is that I didn't soak the purple onion in salt water & I didn't add quite as much olive oil & lime juice.  I forgot the fresh cilantro, I remembered it after the fact.  If you have it, use it, if you don't no biggie.

I used ground venison because that's what we have in the freezer & a lot of it.  Deer, it's the other red meat.  :)  Yes, I love to eat Bambi, I admit it.  Anyway I sautéed ground Bambi with minced garlic & lime juice.  After it was fully cooked I added chili powder, cumin, and dried cilantro.  I like a lot of seasonings so I dumped a lot in there.  It made my kitchen smell delightful.

Get a baking stone or round pan, spray with nonstick spray.  Take a can of buttery crescent rolls and lay them in a circle.  Make sure the pieces meet in the middle to form a bottom layer.  Place the meat first & dump the picarro on top of it.  Fold in the edges, you can make it look pretty, or do like I did & just throw it on there.  The troops were hungry & I didn't have time to make it pretty.  When you spend  a few hours in the car hauling kids everywhere, the goal is sometimes just to have food on the table so they don't start hunting down the Recces peanut butter eggs for dinner.  Cook it at 350 & start at 30 minutes.  If it's not brown by then, add 5 minute increments. 

We cut ours like pie pieces.  You can eat it plain or add cheese, sour cream, and/or salsa on it to vary the flavor.  Or you can totally ruin it like Hoppy did by mixing Hidden Valley Bacon Ranch dressing, dill pickle relish, and mustard.  OMG, I felt like Gollum when he tells Sam that he's ruined the rabbits he's brought back.  "What's it doing precious...Stupid fat hobbit, you ruins it!"  But hey, who am I to judge...he ate it.  :)

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