Everyone Loves a Train Wreck

After writing a few days ago about my "horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day", I noticed that people love to see other people's messes.  It's true; everyone loves a train wreck.  Just humor me a minute... 

When you're standing in line at the grocery store about to load all your groceries on the conveyor belt, what's usually staring you in the face?  Those trashy tabloids right?   Do you ever read the front covers?  I do.  I hate it, but I do.  Almost everyone mentioned in those things, that they try to push as investigative journalism, their lives are a train wreck. 

You're driving, there's a car accident.  Do you focus on the road in front of you, not slowing down to see it?  You know you don't.  It's why there is always a really bad bottle neck & slow-up at car accidents.  Ever notice that right after the wreck it's clear sailing.  Train wreck.

The Maury Povich show & all the others like it.  (Judge Judy falls in that same category.)  Child #2 loves the MoPo show, and I mean loves it.  Why?  In his own words..."Mama, it lets me see what happens when you make bad choices.  It makes me feel good about myself".  Oh Lord please help me.  He's right to some degree...it's a train wreck.

You watch the news, any news, do you see all happy stories?  Heck no, you see tragedy, pain, and every once in a while a "human interest" story.  The human interest stories keep us from wanting to poke our eyeballs out from seeing so much bad stuff.  Two nights ago, there was a very heavy rain in part of my state.  About four inches in one hour.  The news interviewed 8 people who all said the EXACT.same.thing.  Hey guess what, we realize that four inches in one hour is a lot of rain.  We realize that every parking lot, sports field, and businesses were flooded.  No need to interview a ton of people, you can just show me the pictures.  Got it, thanks.  Train wreck.

Why do we click on pictures that have the warning:  "these pictures are graphic in nature, not suited for small children".  I clicked on a picture with this warning from the Boston marathon bombings.  It was a picture of the man they were rushing down the street in a wheelchair who had both of his legs amputated from the bombs. Train wreck.

Why today is everyone glued to their tv sets as the police chase the 2nd bomber responsible for Boston?  Train wreck.

What is it about watching the train wreck that draws us in like a moth to a flame?  Is it ingrained in our human nature?  Is it because watching them makes us thankful to be typical?  Do we feel that relief that it is them instead of us?  I think it's all those things.  But for now, the tv is off.  I'm trying to forget that Kim Kardashian's pregnancy weight is up to 205 pounds.  I'm just going to enjoy the simplicity of my life & be glad that I chose not to move to Australia.

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