What Are We Doing???

I read this article yesterday & had to share the link. It's about us raising a generation of wimps.  As a psych major, this kind of stuff interests me to no end.  Especially because I realized all this in the early '90's when we were telling parents to never say no or don't to their kids; don't spank or raise your voice; give your kids what they want; and your kids are all winners.  I didn't really buy into the hype back then.

I'm the mean mom & I have decided to wear the badge proudly.  In our house, if you do something boneheaded, you will get laughed at.  Not with, but at.  Then we will make sure you're ok.  Hopefully you'll start laughing too & forget that you hurt yourself and/or made an idiot out of yourself. 

My kids fight like siblings are prone to do.  We don't stop it & if one hits another, which doesn't really happen anymore, we tell the one hit that they can hit back (I know, the horrors) but they better run fast, because the hitter may hit again.  If it's a gross offence, we'll let them get a free body slap.  Now that they're older it's usually verbal sparring.  They will come to us & we hold up our hands & ask them if it's one of the 4 B's.  You don't know what the 4 B's are?  Well, let me drop some knowledge on you.  

Our policy is don't come and bother me unless it's one of the four B's.  They are in no particular order.
  1. Broken
  2. Burning
  3. Bleeding
  4. Barfing
If it's not one of the afore mentioned things, work it out amongst yo'self! 

Some other things we believe in...
  • Go outside & play.  get dirty!
  • Don't come to me to do your homework.  I've graduated from college, I don't do homework.  I'll help, but you try to figure it out yo'self.
  • Clean up after yourself.  (or yo'self)  You made the mess you clean it up.
  • I better not see your cell phone at the table/island while we're eating.  Look at me & talk to me.
  • Don't sassmouth your momma. (or any adult for that matter)  I will take the Bill Cosby approach...I brought you into this world & I can take you out.  Then I'll make another one that looks just like you.
  • If you have a problem with a teacher, go to the teacher 1st.  Don't rely on us to do it for you.  If you are bullied, that is a different matter & we will take care of it.  Otherwise, use the brain the Good Lord gave you.
Wimps in my house, let me think on it a minute, um no.  My job is to help them to become functioning men and women of society.  Parenting is hard work, and it requires a lot of love and a little discipline.  Parenting is not for wiennies. 

Celebrating Life & raising kids!


  1. God bless you! I aspire to be as good a parent as you! Will you give me parenting lessons, PRETTY PLEASE, so I can be the kind of mother you are to my little one????


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